Hotel or Marquee Reception?

Nov 12, 2014

Hotel or Marquee Reception?

I was recently asked this question “Do you feel that having a wedding reception at home offers couples more freedom than at a venue?” My answer plus more Q and A’s on this subject are written below:

Do you feel that having a wedding reception at home offers couples more freedom than at a venue?

Yes, much more freedom. Hiring a marquee means you have a blank canvas to apply your style rather than having to put up with that horrible carpet or those old fashioned curtains! Marquees are the perfect space for that DIY wedding!


Do you think there are many drawbacks? For example, extra planning or unexpected costs.

Extra planning is required to ensure a trouble free day. At County Marquees we offer an event planning service to take the stress out of the bride's hands. We provide a bespoke planning service, including booking toilets, liaising with caterers and organising accommodation for the guests; even locating the perfect but hard-to-find styling accessory, which can be a hugely time consuming job!


What do you feel are the biggest selling points for a wedding at home?

If you're lucky enough to have room for a marquee at home, you can have a much more memorable day relaxing at home with your friends and family not being pressured by timeframes set by the venue.

Choosing a caterer to suit your food taste is a huge plus instead of being tied in to the set menu at a hotel!


How cost effective is it having a wedding reception at home compared to a venue?

Having a marquee at home can be more expensive but with careful planning and detailed discussions we can work to all budgets. A lovely idea for saving money would be to ask your guests to bring along a dessert or help make decorations for the inside of the marquee.