Top tips for holding a successful marquee event

Nov 12, 2014

Top tips for holding a successful marquee event

Over the years we've seen what it takes to make an event really special. For our top tips for hosting a successful event, read on…

1. Check your site for any obstructions. These could include any overhead cables or underground pipes.

2. Consider the space you require. Do you need a reception area separate from your dance floor? A larger reception space can be useful for getting in out of the rain and also can be doubled up as a bar area.

3. Where does the sun set in your garden? The marquee is best positioned with windows facing the sun letting all that wonderful light into the marquee.

4. Have you considered portable toilets? They can be a good idea positioned close to the marquee keeping your guests out of the house and not far for guests to walk should it rain!

5. A generator can be a good solution for powering your event. This can avoid any problems should power cuts occur.

6. Catering marquees are useful spaces. Even if small, they can be used to clear dirty plates away once your feast has taken place.

7. Outside lighting can really enhance the setting for your marquee, be it fairy lights in the trees to dramatic flame torches marking the path to the car park.

8. If you have a wonderful view or garden, how about considering our panoramic windows and clear gable ends. They can really bring the outside in.

9. Transform your marquee from daytime to night time with our range of starlight roof linings or our LED up-lighters which can be linked in with your entertainment to match the beat of the music!

10. A comfy seating area is getting more popular to have as a chill out space separate from the entertainment, we have some lovely sofas which are perfect for relaxing in.