British summertime, quite simply a treat to be outdoors.

Jun 26, 2015

British summertime, quite simply a treat to be outdoors.
Summertime Marquees

Marquees are certainly best with their sides open so you can enjoy a beautiful garden on a summer’s day. What could possibly be more perfect than sipping cider, relaxing with your family and dipping in and out of the marquee for sunshine or shade or a quick trip back to the buffet table to snaffle another yummy treat!!

Ok so not all summer days are filled with sun, but hey-don’t look at it like that, just dream and who knows your perfect sunny day may come true! Even if the sun doesn’t shine who cares; you’re all there together in one place for the first time in ages, to chill out.

Here are my favourite summertime shots where you can see all is well in the world as the sun is shining and you’re relaxing and having fun! This is the time when memories are made, peace and tranquillity can descend, slowly followed by raucous laughter and stories shared with all the best people you know!!!! 

Summertime traditional marquee exterior