Seven reasons to hire a marquee

Nov 11, 2014

Seven reasons to hire a marquee

Not sure whether a marquee is suitable for your event? Read on…


Hiring a marquee means you can have the best of both worlds. If it rains, your party can go ahead under cover in a beautifully decorated marquee. If it’s sunny, you can bask outside in the fresh air and relax, safe in the knowledge that should the weather take a turn for the worse, all will not be ruined.

2. Value for money

You get everything you want with a marquee but at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar venue. A unique venue that suits your needs doesn’t have to break the bank.

3. Extension of your house

Throwing a house party can be stressful. So why not hold it in the garden in a marquee? This way, you can extend your house seamlessly, without the worry that your humble abode will be ruined by spilt drinks and trodden in food.

4. Totally bespoke

There aren’t many venues that can fulfill all of your requirements. The beauty of a marquee is that you can make it your own and cater for everyone’s needs. From the décor to the dance floor, table plan to the toilets, hiring a marquee means you have a blank canvas to do things your way.

5. Room with a view

One of the main benefits of hiring a marquee is that you can choose the backdrop to your event. Whether it’s in the grounds of a stately home, a scenic countryside setting or a location that means something to you, the beauty of hiring a marquee means you get the freedom to choose the setting for your special event.

6. Party on

Hate it when the party comes to an end as you’re just warming up on the dance floor? Holding your bash in a marquee means your event can go on for as long as you want it to!

7. Size matters

Marquees come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and can therefore be tailored to suit the amount of guests you want to invite. You don’t have to squeeze your guests in like sardines, or worry that you’ll only fill half the venue.