Social Distancing Structures & Temporary Infrastructures

Social Distancing in the workplace

The on-going coronavirus pandemic will continue to impact our lives for several months to come. As people begin to return to work, it is essential that businesses ensure the safety of their workforce. Social distancing is a crucial factor in helping to reduce the spread and save lives.

For building sites, manufacturing, construction, call centres, factories and offices

Staff Welfare | Catering Structures | Staff Canteen | Sanitation Facilities | Extended Staff Rooms | Additional Office Space


Social Distancing for your workforce

Everyone will want to ensure they are providing a safe environment for their staff to return to. We appreciate space limitations may become a significant issue to deliver this for many businesses.

Our structures can be used for a range of purposes including extended catering facilities, office space, washrooms, changing rooms, site briefing rooms and more.

We are flexible and can provide our support services for both short and long term rental.

Social distancing in the Hospitality Industry

Do you require extra space for social distancing requirements in the hospitality industry?

We can help…

We have structures that can be quickly erected in your outside space to work alongside your pub, restaurant or shop.

We are flexible and can provide our support services for both short and long term rental. Please call today for a fast and friendly solution to your requirements.


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