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Answers to Your Most Common Queries

Frequently asked questions

Here, you’ll find answers to common queries about marquee types, sizes, setup, and more. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for in our FAQ section, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always ready to assist you with any additional questions you have.

Pre hire questions

Before you dive into the world of marquee rentals, it’s perfectly normal to have a few questions. This section is here to help you out with those pre-hire queries, so you can feel totally at ease when planning your wedding or event.

Are the marquees warm?

We use space heaters that sit outside the marquee and blow hot air in through the diffuser. They are thermostatically controlled so will maintain an ambient temperature throughout your event.

What if my venue doesn’t have a toilet?

If there is no access to a toilet near the site we will need to hire a portable toilet for our team. This will be included in your order (approx cost £70.00 dependant on delivery).

Will the marquee have power?

In order to correctly set up your electrical connections in the marquee, we need a detailed list of your requirements. Please request an electrical information sheet from your event manager if you have not already received one. If you are hiring a generator from us, you will see it comes with a £150.00 deposit for the fuel. This is the average amount used on a standard function, but, the tank can hold up to 500 litres so you have the possibility to run up a very high fuel bill if the machine is left on after the event. If however, you use less than the standard amount, the fuel paid for will be refunded.

What checks need to be done prior to the event?

It is your responsibility to check that there are no services running beneath the marquee site. Please check for and clearly mark out any pipes/cables. Please also bear in mind that our Traditional Marquee is supported by guy ropes, so a 40ft x 50ft marquee actually uses around a 50ft x 60ft area.

Pre event questions

Planning an event is exciting, but it can also bring up plenty of questions. Don’t worry, we’re here to make things easy for you. In this section, we’ve gathered answers to those pre-event questions you might have, to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

How will the site need to be prepared?

Irrespective of which style of floor you are using, the overall finish will benefit from being laid on the flattest surface possible. Therefore, please cut the grass as short as possible prior to our arrival. Any small dips in the ground should be filled with soil or sand. The flatter the site, the better the flooring will lie. Please also remove all garden items and foliage from the site and from our access points prior to our arrival.

What happens on the day of the build?

Please be available to meet the team on their arrival. You will not need to be around for the whole build, but it is useful to have a mobile contact number. You will need to be available to meet the site manager once the marquee is complete in order to sign off the build and discuss the working of any toilets/generators etc.

What happens if we require any last-minute changes?

We will always endeavour to accommodate your changes subject to the items being in stock, and having sufficient time to arrange delivery. Please be aware that your confirmation document lists every item that is coming to the site. If you are unsure of any detail, please do not hesitate to check with us at any stage.

What should I do if there’s an emergency during my event?

In the case of emergencies, we have an on-call service until 9pm. Call the normal office number which will connect you with the duty manager.

How will the marquee be delivered?

Your marquee will be delivered using either 4×4 and a trailer or a 7.5 tonne lorry. The furniture is delivered using a lorry so requires an entrance that is at least 9ft wide, unless we can park within a short distance of the site. If we are parking in a road or lane please arrange for a space to be held for us.

What happens after my event?

Please clear the marquee prior to our arrival. If this is not possible, please clear all of your items into the catering marquee, and arrange for them to be removed on the day we dismantle the marquee.

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